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New Graphic Novels from Graphic Universe | Spring 2023 Preview

December 05, 2022 Lerner Books
The Lerner Podcast
New Graphic Novels from Graphic Universe | Spring 2023 Preview
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Join us to learn about our forthcoming graphic novels from Lerner Publishing Group!

The Search for the Slimy Stone
Felix and Calcite are on a journey to a muddy swamp in the faraway Land of the Ogres. Their mission: find the Slimy Stone, the only thing that can save the Master Troll from illness!

The Green Girls
Emma, Lily, and Fadila want to save the planet . . . but no one around them seems to care. Frustrated, they name themselves the Green Girls, take to social media, and launch a series of bold protests.

Another Band's Treasure: A Story of Recycled Instruments
In Paraguay, teacher Diego and carpenter Nicolas look to a nearby landfill and see instruments in the making. Soon, they're building what they need to begin music lessons for local children. A fictional reimagining inspired by true events.

Strange Alliances
Xinyue, guardian to a baby deity, has escaped death, waking in a strange land. Qiliu, his estranged brother, has been captured by enemies. Both young men will have to choose allies carefully as powerful forces emerge.

Super Potato's Middle Ages Adventure
Super Potato is on a time-travel mission, searching the Middle Ages for a scientist trapped in the past! Soon he finds a heroic knight who turned into a serpent. Say, that sounds familiar . . .

Graphic Science Biographies
Explore the lives of scientists who changed how people see the world. Follow famous figures from their childhoods throughout pivotal moments in their lives, learning about their groundbreaking scientific theories and discoveries as well as their personal stories.

Invenciones Increíbles (Amazing Inventions)
Discover true stories of invention behind coveted pop-culture objects—from sneakers to smartphones. With high-interest graphic novel art, these books profile the products' creators and subsequent innovators, as well as social history, revealing how people's needs in a particular period led to creative solutions. Now in Spanish!

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hello uh first print gu this season is the search for the slimy Stone uh that's book three in the Felix and calcite series uh that's from Super potato Creator artera La Perla uh here Felix and calcite are on a journey to a muddy swamp in the far away land of the ogres uh they're searching for a rare and slimy Stone in hopes it will cure the ailing Master troll back in calcite's Homeland uh and in the end the mission is a success but the duo has to contend with a colorful variety of swamp monsters first book one in Felix and calcite was a junior Library Guild selection and slj called it eye-catching and a fun fast read and book three is an endearingly goofy conclusion to the series next please the green girls uh a new middle grade single title uh finds uh 13 year olds Emma Lily and fidela uh wanting to save the planet uh but no one around them seems to care so under the name the green girls they take to social media and document a series of protests around their home country of France uh the actions stir up some good trouble as they tackle topics such as container ship pollution palm oil over production and more environmental hazards uh and with both of the books major protests uh uh successful container ship launch protest uh and a protest at a palm oil refinery readers get a hint of wish fulfillment as the characters successfully Mount their demonstrations but also a sense that these issues are complicated and there's a lot more to be done comes through the creative team of like nikoloff Antoine losty Alberto Zenon and Roberta pierpali uh the green girls depicts youth activism with irreverence heart and attention to a whole range of environmental issues it has appealing artwork uh contemporary social media Savvy um and it encourages readers to make a difference themselves too all right uh another band's treasure a story of recycled instruments is an early middle grade graphic novel and the debut book from Hawaiian Z an artist from Beijing China who now resides in Lion France uh uh the book is a lightly fictionalized story inspired by the real life Orchestra de instrumentos de Cotera the story takes place in a village in Paraguay where a musician and teacher Diego dreams of giving music lessons to the children he sees each day but the big problem is there aren't enough instruments to go around but when he and Nicholas a local Carpenter take a look at a large landfill nearby they start to see instruments in the making for example paint can a wooden plank and a faucet knob become the starting points for a new violin and an old x-ray film sheet becomes the top of a drum the results give the kids in the small town new ways to express themselves and even lead to a performance in the capital of Paraguay so it's a Big Hearted tale of music and also Ingenuity with an environmental Consciousness and interesting examples of problem solving in action too next please book list called Seekers of the auto volume 1 unenchantingly beautiful enchanting beautifully crafted adventure for children and adults alike and in book two of the series strange alliances zenway a treasure hunter turned guardian of a baby deity has escaped death and awakened in a strange new land the boy he once called brother has been captured by enemies and must Tamp down his rage long enough to make his next move faced with wolf Raiders frog royalty and killer plants both young men will have to choose allies carefully as powerful new forces emerge in the story this series by Nigerian of the batchelder honor book my Beijing is a fantasy rich with mystery double crosses and really beautiful watercolor artwork too next please uh super potatoes Middle Ages Adventure uh is book 10 uh fun entry and a long running series with super potato taking a trip back to Medieval Times to rescue a scientist who's been stranded in the past uh while he's there he'll meet his Middle Ages equivalent uh one's handsome Knight who is transformed into a serpent and the two of them will confront medieval sorcerer who looks a bit like super potato's rival Dr malevolent all this and super potato processes losing giant muscles he gained in book six uh so like I say it's a fun one uh in uh spring 23 the graphic science bio series is also returning uh with more non-fiction profiles of scientists who change the way people see the world um as always author artists Jordy bayari has paired with a PhD in the history of science for accuracy uh Galileo Galilei and the movement of the planets shows Galileo's close study of night sky which helps support the theory that planets move around the Sun and prompted a major backlash Louis Pasteur and the power of observation covers Pasteur's wide-ranging uh life of research which had him studying everything from how to prevent line spoilage to the vaccination process which saw him directly saving numerous lives out of Lovelace and the start of computers depicts lovelaces mathematics education in the 1800s and her support for the early calculation Machines of engineer Charles Babbage and read receipt Lovelace spreading awareness of what an early computer could do Mary Anning and the great fossil discoveries spots lights the pioneering amateur paleontologist as she grows up in a family of fossil hunters and and eventually makes some of the most notable fossil discoveries of the 19th century including ichthyocera Mains Plesiosaurus remains and a lot more and avasana in the book of medicine profiles the legendary physician and philosopher from an era known as the Islamic Golden Age avocena's early medical encyclopedia the Canon of medicine was a groundbreaking text that Scholars and healers read for centuries afterwards and finally invinciones in Kore Blaze these are new Spanish language editions of gu's amazing invention series which came out last fall and received a starred review from book list for the electric guitar these books share the true stories of some of people's favorite inventions in pop culture they've got high interest art they profile the products creators and innovators as well as uh some social history behind the inventions revealing how people's needs in a particular period often led to some really Creative Solutions