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New Informational Children's Books from Lerner | Spring 23 Editor Preview

December 07, 2022 Lerner Books
The Lerner Podcast
New Informational Children's Books from Lerner | Spring 23 Editor Preview
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Join us to learn about our forthcoming educational books from Lerner Publishing Group!

My World (Pull Ahead Readers — Paired Fiction and Nonfiction)
Explore aspects of everyday life, including clothes, food, homes, holidays, school, and transportation.

Early Bird Stories™
Building Character
Engaging, story-driven titles follow diverse characters through age-appropriate situations in which they need to draw on character values, such as learning to listen and treating others fairly.

Early Bird Readers — Pink, Red, Blue
Emergent readers will delight in these silly, simple, and carefully leveled stories.

Read for a Better World™
Read about Holidays
Give young readers a peek inside various holidays we celebrate. 

Read about Sports
Introduce young readers to popular sports!

Sesame Street® World of Science
Ernie, Big Bird, and the rest of your Sesame Street friends make key science concepts like color, light and shadow, and states of matter accessible and engaging for young learners.

Read Woke™ Books
Bo at the Buzz
Young readers will love following Bo’s daily life and adventures in these early chapter books.

Left Out of History
Explore the misunderstood and underexamined past in this engaging series.

Lightning Bolt Books®
Dirt Bike Zone
Readers will speed through this series as they learn about everything from the rules and bikes used to popular events and superstars of the sport.

Minecraft 101
Readers will be exposed to digital literacy and fundamental programming concepts alongside everything players love about the game.

Searchlight Books™ — World Traveler
Travel around the world to discover the peoples, cultures, histories, and landscapes of different countries.

Top Secret (Alternator Books ®)
Examine some of the top secrets and unsolved mysteries in history with this spooky series including Area 51 and the Bermuda Triangle.

Lerner™ Sports
Epic Sports Bios
These biographies of the biggest superstars in sports history cover each athlete's rise to the top and the moments that cemented their status as sports legends.

Sports VIPs
Explore the lives of the world's best and hottest sports superstars. From childhood to the present, find out how they rule their sports, prepare for big events, and help their communities.

so now we're jumping into the um the learner Pub list for spring 23 and up first we've got the my world series from pull ahead readers so as I mentioned as of the Season we have 120 books in this brand the paired fiction and nonfiction so each fiction book is Illustrated and it pairs with a non-fiction book that has photos if you want to go the next slide Andy these books are all carefully leveled to fall within the a through D GRL range um this season my world explores aspects of everyday life including clothes food homes holidays school and transportation so next slide okay so there's still a large need for SEL books in the market right now so this early bird building character um series is a story driven series that explores different character education topics such as listening and fairness each chapter ends with a question to encourage comprehension and there are also critical thinking and text feature questions at the end of each book oh and here we are into the early bird readers and as I said we've got three different color bands that we're publishing into in this season we've got two in pink which is a through C and red which is c and d and pink and red are kind of like a kindergarten reading level that this reading level is e through G um we've got two in that level um as a reminder the all of these books are carefully leveled and they're silly irreverent stories with fun illustrations um also the pink and red book each contain two stories whereas the blue books have one story with a quiz at the end so we can go on to read for a better world so spring 23 is the second season in our read for a better world brand these books are geared toward first grade readers and we've got some great new series um including this one which is read about holidays which gives young readers a peek into various holidays that we celebrate including Diwali and Juneteenth as with all read for Better World Books um they the books have connection questions to encourage engagement as well as social and emotional supports for educators and then read about sports introduces young readers to popular sports such as gymnastics and karate again the books have those connection questions for readers and SEL supports for educators see y'all and Sesame Street is definitely a trusted resource for parents and Educators when it comes to a variety of social emotional topics so how you are feeling this single title is a great introduction that helps young readers name their emotions what does it look like if someone is Happy how does it feel if you are angry in this book are Sesame Street friends give Little Learners a way to talk about big feelings we are also exploring the wonderful world of science with Sesame Street this season Ernie Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street crew make key physical science topics such as states of matter or Sinking and floating accessible and fun for Young Learners so we've had a lot of success thus far in strong feedback in the short time we've been publishing into Reed Walk so people are we receive feedback that people are hungry for books that celebrate Black joy and the black experience in general so spring 23 marks the start of these read book chapter books we're launching with Beau at the buzz which is a series about a boy named Beau and his grandfather in a barber shop called The Buzz at Sicily's opening letter to readers States the barbershop has always been the Hub of the black community in a world where black voices are often silenced it is a place where these voices can be heard and these stories readers follow along both Daily Life and Adventures and at 32 pages and a reading level of about second grade these books are not only accessible but also fun then the other series we have um in read woke this season is left out of History um the idea behind this series stem from request for books on Buried history for younger readers this series looks at what's often missing from history books from the misconceptions surrounding America's celebration of Thanksgiving to the um the now officially recognized holiday of Juneteenth books contain primary source quotes visual organizers such as timelines charts and Maps as well as critical thinking questions to engage readers I'm going to turn it over to John now to to finish out some of this list hello everyone um lightning bolt is next so the next installment in Learners long-running lightning bolt books collection features a variety of dirt bike racing Sports including Motocross cross country and Supercross and some other titles you can see there on the slide the series will include tons of racing action superstars of the sport bike and gear diagrams and more lightning both books Minecraft 101 uh this series launched uh with in Fall 22 with six titles each title will explore a specific aspect of Minecraft and a back matter feature will link the content to real life applications a lot of uh success we've had tons of success with Minecraft books in the past and I expect that to continue with this set ulate so uh this is the second set of Searchlight World traveler titles a series that launched in Spring 22. the spring 23 site includes countries on four continents Brazil and South America Germany and Italy and Europe Morocco and Nigeria in Africa and Vietnam in Asia the series features full page sidebars maps and up-to-date facts and statistics top secret from alternator this is the new series uh in Spring 23 for the alternator brand it explores some of the world's most fascinating and mysterious places such as King Tut's tomb and the Bermuda Triangle features include a timeline and a solid solve it sidebars that encourage readers to come up with solutions to Mysteries all right uh learner Sports first and up and learner Sports is Epic Sports bios he's launched in Fall 20 and focuses on past Legends in sports the full life bios include fun sidebars direct quotes and a back matter feature highlighting amazing stats spring 23 features soccer Superstar Abby Wambach baseball hero Derek Jeter track and field Legend Jesse Owens and more Sports VIPs is back for a second it's the second season of sports VIPs which features bios of the hottest current stars in sports Spring 23 includes winter Olympians Chloe Kim and Eileen goo summer Olympian and LPGA Superstar Nelly Corda NBA point guard job Orient baseball slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Super Bowl champion Cooper cup and super sports teams this is the third season of super sports teams and this season we're covering the hottest WNBA and NBA teams after focusing on baseball and football in the first two seasons basketball books have always done really well in learner Sports and I'm anticipating that the set is going to do really well also up dog dangerous jobs from jumping out of an airplane to fight wildfires to building a pipeline hundreds of feet beneath the water surface dangerous jobs explore some of the world's most White Knuckle occupations with Incredible photos sidebars and fun features these high interest low reading level titles will attract a broad range of readers and Gateway the newest additions to the long-running Gateway biography series features a wide range of notable figures including entertainers Adele and Dwayne The Rock Johnson new Supreme Court Justice katanji Brown Jackson entrepreneur and philanthropist madam CJ Walker and climate change activists the sunrise movement and that's it for me I'll pass it back to Amber we've got three new series translated that are for an older audience a lot of the Spanish we have thus far is for younger grades which is why we were trying to do a push to get some older bucks so we've got the alternator cryptology series that aim is aimed at grades three to six as well as the alternator heroes of World War II series and then the last Spanish one is the lunar Sports greatest of all time series that's gear to grades two through five and of course you've seen that series pop up a lot is being a great telling Series so um hopefully in Spanish it will do just as well this is the last one for me so we have this new high low series called sinkhole and as the description States ever since the first sinkhole appeared in foggy Creek Texas weird things have been happening unexplained phenomena how are surge is a purple Mist a glowing coin seem to precipitate Strange Behaviors in this creepy paranormal series that is sure to hook readers