The Lerner Podcast

Fall 2023 Book Buzz Editor Preview | New Educational Books from Lerner Publishing Group

August 15, 2023 Lerner Books Season 1 Episode 84
The Lerner Podcast
Fall 2023 Book Buzz Editor Preview | New Educational Books from Lerner Publishing Group
Show Notes

Join us to learn about our forthcoming educational books from Lerner Publishing Group! Learn about these and all new releases at 

Pull Ahead Readers - Let's Look at Fall 
Learn all about fall in this paired fiction/nonfiction series about our most colorful season. 

Early Bird Stories™Early Bird Readers — Yellow
Discover silly, fun, and simple stories perfect for building reading skills for guided reading levels C-F. 

Early Bird Readers — Green
Emergent readers at guided reading levels G–J will delight in these books that blend charming, leveled text and illustrations.

Read for a Better World™
Read about Dinosaurs
Go back millions of years in time to meet the dinosaurs that used to walk the Earth.

Read about the Past
Give young readers a peek at life in the past, comparing and contrasting how things were for previous generations with how they are now. 

Read about Vehicles
From emergency trucks to race cars, kids will love this close up look at all types of vehicles. 

Sesame Street® Character Guides
Gabrielle, Ji-Young, the Count, and Grover offer a positive introduction to key social-emotional concepts. h

Sesame Street® Directional Words
This series is a fun, interactive way to explore spatial language. Each book features the Sesame Street friends in a fun guessing-game format that invites readers to test their knowledge about the words that describe where things are.

My Friend Julia
Meet Julia! Julia is an autistic girl who loves art and her family. Join Elmo, Abby, and the rest of the Sesame Street crew as they introduce Julia and all the things that make her special.

Lightning Bolt Books®
Baby North American Animals
Primary grades readers meet a variety of young—and, of course, adorable!—animals that live in North America. 

That's Scary!
Treat young readers to this delightfully scary yet fun and kid-friendly series about ghosts, haunted places, mummies, and more. 

Searchlight Books™
Exploring Robotics
Explore the high-interest and evolving topic of robots.

Hunting and Fishing
Explore the great outdoors and examine popular hunting and fishing practices. 

World Traveler
Travel around the world to discover the peoples, cultures, histories, and landscapes of different countries. 

Lerner™ Sports
All-Star Smackdown 
Read about the world's greatest athletes and compare their careers in a fun and exciting head-to-head format. 

Esports Zone 
Discover some of the most thrilling aspects of esports, including the industry's biggest stars, its greatest events, and the technology that makes it all possible.

Sports VIPs 
Explore the lives of the world's best and hottest sports superstars.

Super Sports Teams 
Learn about the history, greatest players, and most iconic moments of the world's most popular sports teams.

Military Machines (UpDog Books™)
Learn more about the high-tech military equipment that supports US troops in this high/low series.

Alternator Books®
Destination Mars 
Readers learn what it would take to get humans to Mars—from how long the space flight would be (about seven months!) to what life would be like once we got there.

Wonderfully Weird 
Celebrate all things weird! This series centers on unusual and eye-catching places, animals, sports, and more.

Black Excellence Project (Read Woke™ Books)
Celebrate notable contributions and accomplishments of Black Americans—many of whom have been left out of history books. 

Animal Scavengers in Action
Scavengers come alive through amazing photographs and thrilling narrative text! 

Countries on the World Stage
Explore the world's most influential countries and how they became economic, military, and political powers.