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Fall 2023 Book Buzz Editor's Picks | New Jewish Children's Books from Kar-Ben

August 17, 2023 Lerner Books Season 1 Episode 89
The Lerner Podcast
Fall 2023 Book Buzz Editor's Picks | New Jewish Children's Books from Kar-Ben
Show Notes

Join us to learn about our forthcoming children's books from Kar-Ben!

Zhen Yu and the Snake 
A fortune teller warns a man that his daughter will be bitten by a snake on her wedding day. But fate intervenes when a stranger appears at the young bride’s door, and she performs a mitzvah. Based on the Talmudic tale of Rabbi Akiva’s daughter and a snake.

The Mexican Dreidel 
Danielito loves Janucá, especially playing dreidel. When his dreidel leads his new friends’ Mexican tops called trompos on a spinning adventure through the neighborhood, Danielito makes some new friends, nuevos amigos.

A Wild, Wild Hanukkah 
On the first night of Hanukkah, a polar bear comes to the party. Every night, more wild animals join the party—singing, making latkes, and spinning dreidels—before Hanukkah comes to an end and it’s time for bed.

Mrs. Maccabee's Miracle 
The five Maccabee sons are always losing things. A spear. A traveling cloak. A scroll. Good thing their mom is always there to remind them where to look. After defeating the Greek army, they can’t find oil to light the Temple menorah, until they remember their mom’s words.

Three Jumps to Sorry: A Yom Kippur Story 
The day before Yom Kippur, Hannah kicks a soccer ball in the living room and breaks her mother’s glass apple. Will she learn to apologize and promise to never kick her ball in the house again?

Counting on Shabbat 
Shabbat brings 1 table, 2 candles, 3 braids in the challah, and more. Count from 1 to 10 as you get ready for Shabbat.

Ruth First Never Backed Down 
Ruth First was born in South Africa, where her Jewish family fled from danger in Europe in the early 1900s. Committed to speaking out against apartheid, she did so all her life, never backing down.

Doña Gracia Saved Worlds 
In 16th-century Portugal, to be Jewish was to live in secret. Doña Gracia used her wealth and power to escape, helping many other Jews to do the same. She built synagogues, hospitals, and schools to help her people.

Dream by Dream: The Story of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise 
Isaac Mayer Wise always dreamed of becoming a rabbi, but sometimes people didn’t like it when he questioned old customs. He inspired a new kind of Judaism, dream by dream.

A Book about Bupkes 
This is a book about bupkes: nothing, zero, zilch. An empty garden, an empty bench at the playground, an empty soup bowl all seem like nothing—bupkes! The funny thing is that bupkes may mean nothing - but it can feel like everything.

The Promise 
In a Moroccan village, a Jewish boy, Jacob, and a Muslim boy, Hassan, are best friends who care for a beautiful garden. When war comes, and it’s time for Jacob’s family to leave, his friend promises to care for their garden.

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